What's holding you back: Relationships? Fear? Career? Habits?
Who Else Wants To Be FREE From Their "Elephants In The Room"?
  • Here’s what’s in the video:
  •    My Story: See if it sounds familiar - good kid, hard worker, got married, had two great kids, decent job, wasn’t happy … crash.
  • My Elephants: All the things I didn't see (or didn't want to see) … until they trampled me.
  •  The Turning Point: What I realized that began to turn it all around, what happened as a result, and how it can work for you.
  • The Result:  What life is like now and what I do to keep learning, growing, encouraging & empowering myself & others.
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Feedback from current coaching community members ...

Sarah Corey

"Kevin, you are a beam of cosmic light blasting through the galaxy. And your light is so bright and warming. I can see you are letting it rip with your awesomeness and I love that!"

Nancy Rose

"You are doing amazing things and stretching, being vulnerable putting your whole self into what you do is very apparent ... You are so right. We cannot do it alone."

Rachel Jenkins

"I really love how you so willingly share every part of your journey to help others - thank you!"
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